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AI + VoC =

The New Formula for User-Generated Content

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“Hey ChatGPT, make my job easier.”


AI is the buzzword these days - but what’s the big win for Customer Marketing and Advocacy really? Is there one? 

Absolutely. Capturing authentic voice of customers and producing customer-led content via the power of AI in record speed is about to change the game. 

We’re talking with three CMA technology startups leveraging AI to capture customer voice and produce authentic customer proof at scale. Join Eran Baron (Founder of Deeto), Evan Huck (Founder/CEO of UserEvidence), and Doni Lerner (VP, Strategy at PeerSpot)as we discuss questions like: 

🤔 How can customer marketers leverage AI to create more authentic customer-led content? 

🤔 How important is it for customer marketers to implement AI-based technology, if at all? 

🤔 How is the CM space evolving with regards to customer-touching technology? 

🤔 What wins can we see from organizations already leveraging AI to capture and produce voice of customer content? 

This webinar promises to be an engaging discussion that will challenge your perspectives and show you the possibilities of harnessing AI to reshape how we capture customer voice and produce user-generated content.

Our Panelists

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Eran Baron




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Doni Lerner

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Liz Richardson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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